Basic facts to know about ECOSOC stands for Economic and Social Council One of the 6 main organs of the UN membership based one geographic representation

Mainly promotes sustainable development and coordinates humanitarian action, and builds partnerships with influential leaders from governments, private and non-profit sectors, and civili society. Annually brings youth into discussions on SDGs (Sustainable Development goals) with brainstorming sessions, interactive speaker panels and discussions with Member States on a main theme.About ECOSOC: The Economic and Social Council is at the heart of the United Nations system to advance the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. It is the central platform for fostering debate and innovative thinking, forging consensus on ways forward, and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed goals. It is also responsible for the follow-up to major UN conferences and summits. ECOSOC links a diverse family of UN entities (Organigram) dedicated to sustainable development,providing overall guidance and coordination. Theentities include regional economic and social commissions, functionalcommissions facilitating intergovernmental discussions of major global issues, and specialized agencies, programmes and funds at work around the world to translate development commitments into real changes inpeople’s lives. By emphasizing combined economic, social and environmental concerns, ECOSOC encourages agreement on coherent policies and actions that makefundamental links across all three.To read more about ECOSOC or the UN body, please visit the UN website:



As a commitment agreed by 50 countries in 1945 and increasing to 193 over time, countries in the United Nations have come to an agreement to cease fire once and for all, to end conflicts and maintain

international peace, and this has become the cardinal purpose the UN functions upon. However, after years of ceased-fire, armed conflicts have again emerged, damaging livelihoods, injuring economies, halting developments, undermining human rights, and a new sense of urgency lurks. In 2016, the 2030 Agenda for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were set, including promoting and achieving sustainable peace. Moreover, by recognizing that all segments of society should be empowered and included, Member States have ensured that Sustaining Peace is in line with the people-centered foundation of the 2030 Agenda.

Sustainable peace is to be achieved by covering all aspects of countries’ fundamental necessities, from the discussion of root causes of conflicts to aftermaths, from reestablishment to prevention, from economy

stability to state capacity maintaining. This year, regarding the topic “Applied Means of Building and

Maintain Sustainable Peace”, fellow delegates of ECOSOC are encouraged to focus more on the aftermaths of conflicts and come up with concrete solutions for reconstructions and progressions.

徐聖凱 Justin Hsu

徐聖凱 Justin Hsu




PMUN2015 WHO Oral Recognition
PAMUN2015 DISEC Delegate
PMUN2016 ExComm(Historical Committee) Oral Recognition
WorldMUN2016 UNHRC Delegate
THMUNC2016 GA Main-Chair
TWMUN2016 Academic Head
PAMUN2016 ARF Oral Recognition
PMUN2017 WHO Oral Recognition


Hello all! My name is Justin Hsu, currently a junior at NCTU majoring in Foreign Languages and Literatures, and it is my great honor to serve you as main chair in the Economic and Social Council this year in New Taipei City Model United Nations. Allow me to share with you a few things about myself first. I joke a lot to keep the atmosphere light, I love Hollywood movies, and I speak English quite often. With the hopes of making more friends and digging more into fields related to international affairs, I started my MUN career in college, and so far, it’s been 3 years of ups and downs along the way. For me, Model United Nations has not only provided me with the

opportunity to dig deep on global issues, it has also nurtured and equipped me with plenty of other skills such as socializing, communicating, even leadership. My way of looking upon the world and how I treat the people around me have utterly changed, and I sincerely hope for all of you to have the same experience as I did! I look forward to seeing you all in the conference.

劉靖予Isabelle Liu

劉靖予Isabelle Liu



Hero Camp2015
臺北四校模聯聯合寒訓2015 ECOFIN Oral Recognition
NSMUN2016 ECOFIN Delegate
HSNUMUN2016 GA Best Delegate
HSMUN2016 Geneva Peace Talk(Advanced committee)
TRANSMUN2016 GAP(Historical Committee) Outstanding Delegate

As a sophomore from HSNU and a junior from AMHS (SC, USA), I got introduced to MUN in my first year of high school and got extremely engaged in the activity, leading to the founding of AMHS Model UN club when I was on exchange in America (’16–‘17). Model UN has never failed to astonish me with the richness of every aspect within the conference, and has extended the
perspective of mine as well as most of those whom I befriended throughout the miraculous
journey, and they were life-changing. Words are always excessive when it comes to describing MUN, for it is to be felt than to be heard. I cannot wait to meet y’all in the upcoming conference, and the dais team hopes to bring about the best experience you can have!

賀凱箴Angel Ho

賀凱箴Angel Ho



FHMUNC2015 SOCHUM Delegate
TMUNJ2015 ECOSOC Best Delegate
FHMUNC2016 ECOSOC Director of Academics
TCMUN2016 ECOFIN Delegate
YMUNT2016 UNDP Delagate
SOUTMUN2016 ECOSOC Assistant-Chai

Hello delegates! I’m Angel Ho, a junior from Taipei Fuhsing Private School and I am delighted to be your assistant chair in ECOSOC. I love mozzarella cheese (food in general), Grey’s Anatomy, and of course, MUN. When I joined MUN during my freshman year, I was fascinated by all the debates, my fellow delegates coming up with solutions to global issues, and looking at the
problem from different point of views. MUN has changed the way I look at the world, and in many ways, my life. I have also met many people through MUN who still remain my close friends until today. I look forward to hearing your ideas and meeting all of you in New Taipei City Model United Nations2017!