Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations(FAO) is an intergovernmental organization aiming at achieving its three main goals.

Firstly, eliminating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Secondly, eradication of poverty and the
driving forward of economic and social progress. Lastly, the sustainable management and utilization of
natural resources, including genetic resources.

Established in 1945 as a specialized United Nations agency, now FAO has 194 Member Nations, two
associate members and one member organization, the European Union.

FAO’s activities focus on gathering expertise to aid development with sustainability as its pre-conditions, facilitating public-private collaboration and small-scale agriculture, helping countries in need to mitigate risks to agriculture, food and nutrition, also, it puts efforts in strengthening political will and advocating implementation of related programs and policies.

In 2014, the Rome Declaration on Nutrition and the Framework of Action was endorsed. For our society
nowadays, it declares the importance of government’s responsibility for addressing food issues
and challenges.

During the past two decades, two hundred million people have been lifted out of hunger. In spite of this progress, according to the latest report on the State of Food Insecurity in the World (SOFI), 793 million people are undernourished. Climate change conspires for example, CO2 concentration, precipitation and temperature rising, has been an increasingly important factor of food insecurity and food chain crisis.

Food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food stability sum up food security. Different levels of impacts from food security lead to other problems such as chronic disease and malnutrition. Globally, according to The Food Insecurity and Climate Change Vulnerability map, produced by the UN World Food Program (WFP), sub-Saharan Africa is the most severely affected area.

As humans rank in the upper food chain, we easily neglect the imperative crisis vibrating in the lower food chain that might lead to severe problems not limited to ecological ones. Changing climate will pose threats to the crops we grow and livestock we raise, threatening our ability to feed ourselves now and in the future. Additionally, take the spread of pests and ocean acidification for example. These potential threats might not do any harm directly and immediately. However, it will impact our life gradually. The consequences of a broken food chain are extremely serious, which extinction of some species will be inevitable.

With The FAO strategic frameworks aiming at mitigation and adaptation efforts to prevent impacts on food security and food chain crisis, and Unity of member states. Further actions and possible solutions are positively expected.

王俊翔 Sean Wang

王俊翔 Sean Wang




PAMUN2013 巴黎和會
NMUN2014 DISEC Delegate
PAMUN2014 UNODC Delegate
WMUN2014 ECOSOC Delegate
PAMUN2015 DISEC Oral Recognition
TMUN2015 UNSC Oral Recognition
OMUN2016 Oral Recognition
WMUN2016 Faculty of SCU
TMUN2016 UNSC Oral Recogniton
TWMUN2016 UNESCO Best Delegate
NMUN2017 DESEC Delegate

Hi, I am Sean, now majoring in political science in Soochow University. I was the former leader of public relations and coordinator of activity of SCUMUN club. I have attended more than 10 MUN conferences in my college life, and these experiences explored my horizon, free my ideas, and made me a better man; MUN gives me more than I thought. During MUN conference, I learned how to analyze a new or tough international issue, to negotiate with people who have opposite position and ideas, to combine people’s idea and make them into a resolution; and to approach and persuade people you might not even meet before to support your resolution that may change the world in the future. MUN changed my entire life and point of view to the world and I believe MUN will be a life changing opportunity to you; all you have to do is just to stand up and speak out loud. It’s my first time to serve as a chair in FAO; however it will be the most interesting and excited MUN conference you have ever attended. We are extremely looking forward to meet you during the upcoming conference.

張琳 Evelyn Chang

張琳 Evelyn Chang



IMUN2015 Best Delegate
CTMUN2015 Delegate
TCMUN2016 Delegate
YMUNT2016 Delegate

Dear delegates,
I am Evelyn Chang who will be serving as your co-chair at FAO in the following two days. As for
myself, each and every MUN experience has brought me a whole new world and expand my
horizons. Academic recognitions, public speaking skills, precious friendship and so on have
been acquired in my MUN career. I am sure you will gain as much as I have done from conference.
Besides, I would like to lead the way and give you a sneak peek about myself. I am outgoing and
sociable. Meeting new friends and getting to know everyone’s story have always been
fascinating to me. I like music that holds my heart beats and brings me to the top of the world.
The Chainsmokers and DJ Hardwell have dome great jobs. Apart from those, traveling and
golfing are also my personal favorite.
Lastly, I hope you all enjoy this MUN experience and step out of your comfort zones in pursuit of
a better version of yourself.

張玉凱Kemo Jallow

張玉凱Kemo Jallow




Greetings, I am Kemo Jallow , It is my honour to be an assistance chair of FAO committee  NTCMUN. I am currently studying at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology majoring Structural Engineering. I have doing MUNs for 3 years now, what I love about MUN is that it is a place where you do not have to be afraid to be a global citizen. I believe this world will a lot better place if we all aren’t afraid to participate in discussing and dealing with global issues. Looking forward to meeting you all.